Progress Report on the Search for Faith

[Written November 11, 2013]

Still searching.

The best result so far is that I can accept the Thomist logic of a plausible God.  But I cannot make the leap from this Philosopher’s God to a loving, caring, father God; and only such a God can offer Hope for what I love. (see previous posting)

The Catholic Church attracts me, calls to me.  Its commitment to Faith and Reason is essential: I cannot believe in a God who makes no sense.  This Thomist thought is one of the Catholics’ greatest contributions to humanity.  (Not to mention other gifts such as clarified morality, organized charity, and the sanctity of marriage.)

But sometimes the church seems to know too much.  Too much confident Dogma where it seems only Trust can serve.  Too much certainty regarding details of God’s thinking.

On this too-great certainty the Church has constructed a demand for trust in its own thinking; and the Church has too often been too wrong.  It has been the fountainhead of anti-Semitism.  It has massively and brutally inquired into individual souls.  It has criminalized heresy and apostasy.

To its credit, the modern Church has purged itself of these errors (sins).  This has been late in coming and grudgingly accepted, but it has happened.  The heroic efforts of the modern popes (from Pius XII to Benedict XVI) deserve honor.

I cannot oppose myself to the Catholic Church of today.  Indeed, the Church today stands as the leading champion in defense of almost all that I hold dear and that is now under such attack.  Family, Life, Truth.

So I find myself standing with the Church…but apart from it.

[Update November 12, 2013]

I now read that the new Pope Francis shows signs of leaning towards the “Liberation Theology” that in the name of Social Justice finds class warfare to be a congenial form of worship.  This ugly relic of the 60’s and 70’s led some Latin American clerics into tacit (or even open) support for brutal communist insurgencies.

In particular, Francis has elevated one such Liberation Theologian to a leadership position.  Cardinal Maradiaga of Honduras is chairman of a Council of Eight appointed “to reform the church.”

Maradiaga preaches the foulest left-wing politics of envy, resentment and hate in the name of “Social Justice”.  Unsurprisingly, he is also an open anti-Semite.   (I will write in more detail about Maradiaga shortly.)

Saddest of all, there is no evidence that any of that bothers the new pope.   So the Church, which made such a heroic effort to rid itself of anti-Semitism in the last century, appears to be relapsing into its long dark past.

It shouldn’t matter to me; after all, I am not a Catholic.  But the church has been a helpful guide in my search for God.  And the Catholic Church stands as the strongest defender of so much that is precious and threatened today.


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