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The Moleman is Back!

To my great surprise, i see that my long-absent friend Mister Hans Moleman has popped up from his burrow. (I had begun to wonder if he was still alive.)

The occasion for his reappearance is the outrageous, unscientific cruel “transgenderism” movement.

It is worth a look, here. If you agree (or intelligently disagree), leave him (and/or me) a COMMENT. It’s easy and safe; unlike some folks, we do not share information with the Chinese Communist Party (or anyone else, for that matter.)

Slobs (and Snobs) in Church and Society

In Crisis Magazine today, Chilton Williamson Jr. has published a thought-provoking article about people dressing down for mass (“In the Image of Slob”). Like him, I notice a lot of shorts, tee shirts, and flip-flops; and I also notice my tendency to feel judgmental about this, and I try to re-route my thinking, being glad that they are in church at all. (The “snob” in the title is obviously me.)

After he read it, my friend Mister Moleman re-posted an essay from 2001 by noted deep-thinker Charles Murray, entitled “Prole Models; America’s Elites take their cues from the underclass“, putting the issue in the perspective of the disintegration of our society.

Both are well worth reading.