I Apologize

Dear Reader:

I owe you an apology. A highly offensive ad recently ran on my website.

This blog and others like it (such as mistermoleman.com) are hosted by WordPress.com.  That means they serve as the platform for the stuff I post and the internet connections that reach me.  WordPress.com is a good outfit, for the most part.  Pretty much everything works the way it should, without problems. (See “Thank You Jen…” below.)  I greatly appreciate them.


They sell ads, and they post them wherever they can; that means on my blog, sometimes. I have no control over who they sell ads to, or what they post. On my site.

In general, I don’t mind. Insurance companies? OK. Toenail Fungus remedies?  Yecch. But OK. Who am I to judge?

But today they went way too far. WordPress posted, on my website, an ad for…Planned Parenthood.

PLANNED PARENTHOOD.  The abortion industry.  Hundreds of thousands of unborn children every year. Dead. Brought to you by Planned Parenthood.

As a bloggerI have no control over the ads.  But as an online reader, I do. In a righthand corner of most online popup ads, you sill see a small, faint notice: “Report this ad.”  If you click on this, you can state your “preference” not to receive ads from this advertiser.  I did. I recommend that you do likewise.

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